Understanding Toothaches

As we all know, toothaches are the result of several different factors. T he pain that stems from a toothache is always apparent, normally in the form of throbbing. Th e pain will normally intensify as time goes by, when you eat, lay down, or drink hot/cold liquids. Too thaches are very painful, and it may seem that no matter what you do – it seems to hurt more.

In th e dental world, toothaches can include such things as cavities, infections or abscess in the teeth or gums, debris that has been trapped between the teeth and gums, and trauma to the face, teeth, or the jaw. Someti mes, toothaches can result from medical conditions and have nothing to do with dental. In most cases, if the problem goes without being checked, it can lead to serious trouble and maybe even become a life threatening situation.

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