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that behaviour is problematic,yeezy 350 boost,” she said. “They can be prosecuted when it is just normal adolescent behaviour. Why criminalise it? How is that helpful?” Ms Wight said 20 year olds having sex with 13 or 14 year olds was a real problem which raised the issue of truly informed consent. “I would argue the laws should be there to protect young people as opposed to criminalise young people experimenting with sex in ways which are not unexpected,cheap custom nfl jerseys paypal voltaren 75 mg get you high. ,” she said. “Criminalising that does not prevent sexual predators.” I would argue the laws should be there to protect young people as opposed to criminalise young people All states and territories have a set age of consent but some of the states have provisions in their law which makes it a defence if the person who had sex with an under age teenager is less than two years older than them. The only provision for defence Queensland has for age of consent laws is in the case of a defendant who can prove they reasonably thought they were having
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