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to see if the consumer would like to continue the service. Only if the consumer elects to keep the service will they be counted as a subscriber. 4. Earlier this year Sirius XM management expressed that the program was seeing conversion to self paying in "about the mid 30s." This means that about 35% of those used cars that get the three month promotion become subscribers. That translates to about 350,Wholesale raybans sunglasses from china,000 out of every 1,Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Shoes,000,yeezy 350 boost online,000 gross activations. Getting an additional 350,jerseys outlet,000 is nothing to write off. That is an impressive number and will certainly help to offset churn as well as get some added value for chipsets installed years ago. In some cases,michael kors outlet, the second or even third owner of a satellite radio equipped car may be the first real subscriber. This is great news. Now consider these bullet points: My research indicates that about 35% of "quality used cars" are equipped with satellite radio. I define a "quality used car" as a car that is less than five years old,Raybans wholesale online shopping, is likely to be sold

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