Automatic Cars Are The Latest Trend Of Indian Car Market The Indian car industry always offers something new to the people. They come up with the innovative technologies and creative designs that will enhance the drivability. Car with automatic transmission are very common abroad but in India it is recently gaining its popularity. Many car manufacturers are launching either new variants or new models equipped with automatic gear box. Now a day’s car with automatic transmission is experiencing good sales. Automatic cars are very popular among women drivers. They feel it easy to drive and this is the very reason for automatic car sales go high. With the growing demand of such cars and targeting the women driver many car manufacturers are launching the automatic versions of their models. In 2008,Raybans Sunglass wholesale, Hyundai had rolled out the automatic version of Santro on women’s day as a limited edition. This clearly reveals their target audience. Some of the models enabled with automatic transmission are Hyundai’s i20,wholesale jerseys, Chevrolet
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