Personal Dental Care: How To Have Teeth For A Lifetime

Thanks to better in-office dental treatments and
a t-home care, more people find it easier to manage
th eir personal dental care.

A lth ough there are some conditions and diseases that
can f acilitate tooth loss, the products and technology
today gives people more control to help keep their
origina l teeth until they get old.

The mo st common suggestions to have a healthy set of
teeth for a lifetime is to constantly brush and floss
them. Most teeth a nd mouth problems are triggered or
caused by pla que, an icky layer of bacteria, food
particles and other organic matter that forms on the
surface of the teeth.

The bacteria f oun d in plaque are responsible for
producing acids th at cause cavities to form. Plaque is
also res ponsible for periodontal disease, an infection
that can damage the t issues and erode the bone
surrounding the teeth.

The best way to remov e p laque and destroy its chances
of building up is through brushing and flossing.
Regular brushing and floss ing is really needed so that
the plaque won

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